About Amplify Athletes

Amplify Athletes is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support to amateur athletes seeking to accomplish their athletic goals and dreams.

Amplify Athletes was founded in 2021 to support the development of athletes, so that they may reach the highest level of performance that they are capable of achieving without being restricted by financial hardships. This support can include training scholarships, providing necessary equipment to play, and partnering to create events that will improve the opportunities for athlete’s to become collegiate student athletes.

Additionally, each year Amplify Athletes partners with a different charity to support other non-profit causes that seek to accomplish incredible missions to those in need. In 2021, 50% of the proceeds from the fundraising events that Amplify Athletes held went to MS4MS (Mission Stadiums for Multiple Sclerosis) to support the research work Johns Hopkins is doing to fight against Multiple Sclerosis.